who is offside cannabis?

we are a canadian-owned and operated cannabis dispensary providing retail and online services.


in addition to our online store, there are currently offside dispensary locations in niagara falls and pickering, and we will be opening more across ontario in the coming months.


at offside cannabis, we’re your source for better bud at better prices. the goal? we know value doesn’t have to be boring, and pride ourselves on our big box pricing, balanced by our locally-focused boutique services.

an inside look at offside cannabis

while we may look like the new kid on the block, we’ve actually been around for a while. you may know us as spdr cannabis. look at how we’ve grown!


but this is just the begginning. we are planning on opening more offside cannabis retail dispensary locations across ontario in early 2022. if you’d like to inquire about geting offside near you, let us know.


you can find out more about our canadian, publicly-traded parent company, delota corp. here.

the offside insider

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the upside of offside

offside cannabis isn’t a big box, big city cannabis retail chain. we’re off the beaten path/off to the side (get it? offside?), serving local communities for all their cannabis needs.

Boutique bud products and services at big box bud prices (that means good value for your dollar).

Our budtenders and other retail and support staff are local. They know cannabis, and they know what’s important to you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

offside is on your side

whether you’re new to cannabis or a cannaseur (yes, it’s a word. you know who you are), focused on health  and wellbeing, or you just need to relax, offside is on your side.


we’re here to help, whether online or in-store. offside is your cannabis community hub and we strive to be the best, easiest, and more affordable way to procure the cannabis products you’re after.