terpene spotlight: myrcene


terpene highlight series


this is the first edition of our new terpene highlight series that will choose a specific terpene and discuss its effects and benefits within cannabis. This week we will highlight myrcene.


but first, what are terpenes?


they are naturally occurring chemical compounds responsible for cannabis strains’ varying characteristics. this includes their flavour, aroma and effects. various strains will have multiple terpenes present and their combination with each other (as well as with THC and CBD) will produce something called “the entourage effect”.

myrcene – what is it?

myrcene is one of the most common terpenes within cannabis strains in ontario, and is the most dominant terpene featured in over 20% of all strains available.

myrcene is found in mangoes, hops and basil and when present in cannabis, tends to produce a ‘relaxant’ or ‘sedative’ effect. cannabis strains that are myrcene dominant tend to smell a bit peppery, spicy, earthy and musky.


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