terpene spotlight: pinene

this is the second edition of our new terpene highlight series that will choose a specific terpene and discuss its effects and benefits within cannabis. this week we will highlight pinene.

pinene – what is it?

pinene is the most common terpene in the plant world and produced in large quantities from plants like basil, cedar, dill, eucalyptus, pine trees rosemary and many others!

pinene is often viewed as the easiest terpene to recognize within cannabis because of its strong pine scent, often reminding people of rosemary.

pinene comes in two forms – alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. alpha-pinene is significantly more common within cannabis.

studies involving pinene

researchers are looking into therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects that may be associated with this terpene. there is also evidence of improving blood flow to the brain as well as mood-enhancing and neuroprotective benefits.

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terpene spotlight series: pinene